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Brazen art thief latest crook flow over Ottawa Street second

Don let television shows like Pawn Stars fool you the second hand dealer business isn always entertaining.

Just ask Lawrence Holland of Holland Consignment Shoppe and ah on Ottawa Street, Where a brazen thief stole a $550 oil conserving in broad daylight on Monday.

Guess is he been in the video store before, holland said. Had artwork on the wall going up the stairs since we opened. is actually the first time someone has actually walked off with one. Said the painting comes from eastern Europe and dates to the late 1960s. The painting value was based upon his appraisal (He accredited with the Canadian Association of personal Property Appraisers).

The artwork explains three horses one white, One brownish, One reddish brown all galloping upon viewer, With a burning barn mobile.

all right. It wasn quite my experience, the netherlands said.

Andrea Huntley and Lawrence Holland of Holland Consignment Shoppe auction house on Ottawa Street, Are shown on their store in Windsor, Ont. On marly. 5, 2013. (jerr Kryk / The Windsor Star)

Holland said Monday theft was only the modern incident in which his business has been targeted by criminals.

among the many items that have disappeared from the store since it opened about nine years ago: silver and gold coins jewelry, Rare gold coins, marine corps medals, Signed sports memorabilia, First edition books very well as toys.

to be able to Holland, mint condition Transformers from the early 1980s and die cast metal Hot Wheels cars from the Era (pre 1977) Can be quite valuable in the memorabilia market and thieves know it.

Hot train wheels, Those fly right off the shelves becoming paid jordans shoes for sale, holland said. Redline within late 60s, early on 70s, Can sell for about $150. choosing amazed. estimations he lost about $50,000 in goods within the last seven years because of shoplifters and burglars.

becoming more and more of an issue. Ottawa Street has really taken cheap jordans for sale air jordan shoes a big hit over the last few years, the low countries said.

Are not many retailers on Ottawa Street that haven had high theft. I would think it because it the most last remaining shopping districts in the city. identified the thief as a Caucasian male, Six foot or tall, getting medium build. He was in his 30s.

right at that moment of the crime, The man was clean shaven and accessorizing with black rimmed glasses, An Oakland A ice skating cap, A hooded top, A denim coat, Blue slacks, And black and white sneakers.

Anyone with regarding this incident is encouraged to contact Windsor police at 519 255 6700 ext. 4830 or Crime stoppers at 519 258 8477. unpleasant incident number 13 15428.